What You Really Mean

Big brands, telcos, airlines and banks - this one is for you.

People are intuitive. They know what you really mean to say and they know when you’re not saying it.

Honesty is so, so important. Both honesty and setting the right expectations would have to be the two most important and central values that all brands should encompass. If something goes wrong or someone isn’t happy, that can be sorted. If the right expectations were not set at the beginning, the only thing anyone can do is say sorry. Think of a time that you paid for a service or product that went on to lie to you in some way. Now tell me that you ever trusted that brand again.

A relationship that is built on trust and honesty is one that will be long-lasting and beneficial for both parties. Customers don’t think of your brand as a collection of intangible ideas, images or words, they think of it as a personality they can relate to. Answer questions up front, be a friend and offer up something your customer will appreciate, rather than denying them what they are really looking for. Be friendly to other brands, no-one likes a bully. Be clear about what is important to you and take a stand when it’s required.

If this post reads like a self-help, how to be a good friend manual, that’s exactly what it is.