An Open Letter to Nikki Kaye

My name is Ethan, I live and work here in Central Auckland.

I am writing to you to express my concern about the GCSB Bill amendment vote this evening and I hope you will take the time to read this.

New Zealand has long been known for it’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife and been a model country for developing nations to aspire to. We are considered to be safe, peaceful and rational in all of our decisions and we have been championed internationally, over and over again for making hard but necessary decisions, based on the strong moral compass we all possess collectively as New Zealanders. New Zealand is a desirable place to be.

This bill stands to change that. I believe this bill will both divide New Zealanders from their government and from each other, as they will live in fear of being spied upon by their state. Whether or not this spying is a reality for each of these people, this bill will make them fearful of such actions. At the public meeting in the Auckland Town Hall last night on this topic I heard multiple people in the audience express this concern and even a few people who believe they are being spied on already. Please do not give them any more reason to be fearful of their leaders.

John Campbell’s poll on New Zealanders’ support of this bill had a record number of respondents on this issue, which is clearly one which New Zealanders’ find important as well as compelled to comment on. This poll ran for a full week and just 11 (5,879) percent of us supported the GCSB bill, with 89 percent (46,790) opposed. If we apply this percentage to the number of votes you received this election, over 13,000 of your supporters oppose this, and over 30,000 voters in that same electorate alone oppose this bill.

Please, I ask you to vote on behalf of the interests of your supporters and your electorate tonight.

Yours Sincerely,

Ethan Rose

Emailed to and at 7am this morning.