On Moving to a New City

So I moved to Toronto, 13,879km from ‘home’ and here is what I found.

Firstly, ‘home’ is where you feel comfortable, so work on that right away. Make sure you know where everything is, where you like to hang out and spend time and where all of your necessities are. Nobody wants to look at a map when they are at home so getting this figured out quickly is key.

Friends. I have never been a person who you could call a socialite (or anything close) and so I’ve only had to maintain a few relationships since I’ve been away but even with that said, it’s hard. You need to make the effort to get in touch, and not blame the other person for not doing so. It’s a two way transaction and friends like spending time because they get something from each other, don’t stop giving your half. This will show you who really cares about you, and maybe also who you really care about.

Family. The thing I miss most about Auckland.

Hobbies. Don’t sit at home in your downtime and do nothing. Moving to a new place is (and has been) a great time to start a new hobby or give your old one some more attention. Check out my photos taken since I have been here.

Work. Resist the temptation to let work replace your downtime or hobbies. We all know how that is going to end and workaholics never win any prizes.

Routine. If there was anything you really wanted to set in your daily routine (same as hobbies), get this sorted now.

And finally, go do stuff you normally would not. You’ll learn new things (about yourself and in general), have new experiences and you might even make some new friends in the process. If not, nobody here knows you anyway so go nuts.