I Don't Trust You (with my Inbox)

Being someone who is fundamentally against data collection, mining, user profiling and all the other lovely things that advertisers and service providers like to do, there comes a point where just talking about it is not enough. In light of this I decided to attack running my own mail server on a Raspberry Pi and succeeded in freeing my data from the man once and for all. I think you should too and here is what you stand to gain:

  • Real, ‘pick it up and take it away’ ownership of your data.
  • High assurance of it’s secure transit. With properly configured TLS nobody but you and the recipient mail server can read it.
  • The knowledge that your data is not being used to target ads at you, or worse siphoned off at rest by the omnipotent agencies of the day (although you can’t control your recipients inboxes, so tell them to read this too).

Assuming you can master the setup (or rope in someone who can), the price of the mail service you are using can now be measured in dollars and cents (likely very few of them) rather than some measure of how much privacy your free mail host’s privacy policy affords you.

Here is an excellent guide to get you started.

As for the price of running my Raspberry Pi mail server, ~$3.93/year.